New England Higher Ed Group Honors C3 Program With State Merit Award

Students in the Travelers' funded Crossroads program were honored in January. Joining students in photo were Thomas M. Kunkel, Travelers' President and CEO of Bond & Financial Products, Assistant Community College Chancellor Mary Anne Cox and Capital President Calvin Woodland.

The Capital Crossroads to Careers program  is the recipient of the New England Board of Higher Education’s (NEBHE) 2010 Connecticut State Merit Award. Since 2003 NEBHE has recognized individuals and institutions that have made significant contributions to improving higher education opportunities for New England students. The award will be presented in Boston at the Long Wharf Marriott on March 5, 2010. Representatives of Travelers, Capital Community College and the College’s Foundation will be in attendance for the award presentation.

Capital Crossroads to Careers, also known as C3, is a program developed in 2008 by Capital Community College in partnership with and funded through Travelers EDGE: Empowering Dreams for Graduation and Employment. The objectives of EDGE are to increase access to college, help students graduate from college, and build an awareness of careers in insurance. While applicants are required to carry a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be considered for this elite program, the average Capital Crossroads to Careers student maintains a 3.5 or higher.

Capital students in C3 receive financial support towards completing their associate degrees while participating in paid internships. In addition, they receive guidance from corporate and faculty mentors and attend professional development workshops. This innovative mix of real-world work experience, high academic achievement and close interaction with experienced personnel, generates C3 graduates who are uniquely trained for the demands of today’s workforce. As knowledge of the C3 program rises, industry leaders are increasingly viewing it as a valued pipeline to bring in the highest caliber employees – and strengthen the Connecticut economy in the process.

In January, 19 Capital Community College graduates were recognized by Travelers and the College for completing the Crossroads to Careers program at a reception and program held at The Hartford Club.  All of the students honored (photo) are continuing their education at CCSU or UConn.

Current students at Capital who are interested in participating in future C3 programs should contact the C3 program manager at 860-906-5143 or


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