President Woodland Honored At Retirement Dinner

A June 4th retirement dinner brought together colleagues, students, family members, foundation members, trustees and officials to praise and recognize President Calvin E. Woodland for 40 years in higher education, most of the them in service to community colleges.

Dr. Woodland, who became Capital’s fourth President in 2005, will retire June 30th to be succeeded by Dr. Wilfredo Nieves, the current President of Middlesex Community College in Middleton.

Mary Ann Affleck, the College’s Dean of Academic Affairs, introduced speakers including  CT Community College Chancellor Marc Herzog, Trustee Bill McGurk, Dr. Steve Minkler, Dean of Academic Affairs at Northwestern Community College and former Director of Capital’s Communication Media program; Tom Phillips, President/CEO of Capital Workforce Partners; Hassan Young, representing students, and;  Dr. Carolyn Boulware, President Woodland’s sister.  The Rev. Gary Miller of Asylum Hill Congregational Church and a member of the College’s Foundation board led the invocation and Kai Renee Boulware, President Woodland’s niece pictured in the top right photo, provided a  classic selection on the keyboard.  Snapshot!, a barber shop quartet, serenaded President Woodland and his family as part of the program.  President Woodland was presented with a proclamation from the City by Mayor Eddie Perez.

Contributions from dinner attendees and contributors will be used to provide scholarships in honor of President Woodland.  Contributions may be made to Capital Community College Foundation, 950 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103.

Photography  provided by Riley Johnson

Participating in the June 4th dinner from left Prof. Stephen Fagbemi, Patrick Tucker, Margaret Abraham and Marilyn Goodman

Mary Ann Affleck, Dean of Academic Affairs

Rev. Gary Miller of the CCC Foundation

Saint Joseph College President Pamela Trotman Reid and President Woodland

College faculty and staff attended June 4th dinner. From left Marisol Malave, Miriam Mercado and Ruth Krems. Background left Cindy Adams and Julia Rosa.


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4 Responses to President Woodland Honored At Retirement Dinner

  1. It was with great honor to attend Dr. Calvin Woodland’s retirement dinner. He has been a very dear friend to me for well over 30 years. I thank him for his friendship to me and to my family for those many year. I thank him for being a great mentor and I thank him for helping me become the man I am today. Like me I hope he enjoys every second of his retirement and like me, get out and smell the roses

  2. Jean R. Dominique says:

    I wish I could be there to thank him for his help and support in the few years I worked with him at Bergen Community College in Paramus. He is a great man, fair and charismatic who has always maintained his office door open to honestly assist whoever needed his help (students & staff and faculties, including adjunct like myself).

  3. Jean R. Dominique says:

    Great man, with a great heart.

  4. Jerome F. Thompson says:

    Hello my brother. I am sorry I did not hear of your retirement because I would have at lease sent something to have been read at the affair. Coming all the way from Ghana, West Africa was a bit of a stretch. I have been trying to get in touch with you but unable to do so. Audrey told me she had heard from you and you wanted she and Margaret to come to Delaware for something so I looked for you in Delaware to know avail, however, now maybe be will reconnect once again and keep it that way. How is Carolyn. You should come to Ghana for a visit, you would love. Let me hear from you. Can you believe 50 years from high school this year.

    Jerome F. Thompson

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