NEH-Funded ‘We The People’ Project Begins For CCC Humanities Faculty

Faculty members and representatives of Hartford’s historic and cultural institutions  launched a two-year “Hartford Heritage” project on January 28th that will bring the city’s history, literature and culture into themed writing courses at Capital Community College.

The two-year heritage project funded by a $98,645 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) will involve 12 Humanities faculty members participating in seminars and workshops to design courses that will connect their students with the heritage of Hartford. It has received NEH designation as a “We The People” program, an initiative
“to encourage and strengthen the teaching, study, and understanding of American history and culture through the support of projects that explore significant events and themes in our nation’s history and culture and that advance knowledge of the principles that define America,” according to the NEH.

“Our faculty and students are surrounded by rich cultural institutions that are ideal for humanistic study and experience,” said Humanities Chairman and project director Jeffrey Partridge. “This project will allow us to establish relationships with these institutions that would enhance the college’s writing courses and transform its humanities curriculum.”

Author and Curator William Hosley, executive director  of Terra Firma, led the opening session with an overview of Hartford’s history and landmarks and praised the value of place-based, experiential education that Capital’s Heritage project represents. Hosley has previously been a curator at the Wadsworth Atheneum, led the Historic Landmarks organization and is a contributor to the Hartford Courant “Place” series.

The faculty workshops will involve speakers on themed writing courses and learning communities focusing on Hartford’s history, immigrant communities and artists and authors.  The project will include tours and interaction with such institutions as The Mark Twain House, The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford Stage Company and the Old State House.

Participating in the launch of the College's Hartford Heritage project were from left: Jack Hale, consultant for Leadership Greater Hartford; Wilfredo Nieves, CCC President; Jeffrey Partridge, CCC Humanities Chair, and; William Hosley, author, curator and President of Terra Firma. Hosley keynoted the first meeting of the project that will develop new writing courses based on Hartford's history, literature and culture.


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