Dual Admission Opportunities Begin At Saint Joseph College’s Weekend Program

St. Joseph College, Capital and all Connecticut community colleges are launching  a dual admission program starting this fall semester that will open opportunities for community college students to enroll in a Weekend Program for Adult Learners leading to the B.S. and B.A. degrees.

Pres. Pamela Trotman Reid of St. Joseph College  joined the 12 Connecticut Community College Presidents this week at a meeting of the Council of Presidents to celebrate  the beginning of a new semester that marks the inauguration of a dual admission program.

Students interested in transferring to St. Joseph College to continue their studies beyond the Associate Degree level are now able to enroll in the St. Joseph College (SJC) Weekend Program for Adult Learners thanks to an agreement that gives them guaranteed admission to St. Joseph College’s baccalaureate programs in the fields of Accounting, Management, Social Work, or Psychology.

The Weekend Program for Adult Learners will accept graduates from all twelve community colleges who have applied for dual admission to St. Joseph College during any semester of their associate degree program of study.  Academic advising and support provided by each community college and St. Joseph College will help students to make a smooth transition based upon a planned program of study that will maximize transfer credits to their intended bachelor’s degree.  Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and must enroll in the SJC Weekend Program within two years of completing their associate degree.  Once accepted into the program, students will be able to participate in SJC student activities and college events and will have access to SJC library and network center.

Saint Joseph College, which has opened its School of Pharmacy this year in downtown Hartford one block from Capital Community College’s campus, was founded in 1932 by the Sisters of Mercy as an undergraduate women’s college. Its weekend, graduate and professional programs are co-educational. Saint Joseph College is located at an 84-acre campus in West Hartford one mile from downtown Hartford.


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