Alumni Association Has New Officers for 2011-2012

The Capital Community College Alumni Association recently elected new officers to its Executive Committee.

The officers for 2011-12 are: Chairperson Carmen Marerro, Vice-Chairperson Andrea Mesquita-White ‘11, Treasurer Lorraine Lee ‘10, Secretary Shelley McEwan ‘88, Membership Coordinator/Officer Tammie Roman ’11 and Public Relations Officer Melissa Garrett ‘11.

This year the CCC Alumni Association will be working to establish new and innovative ways to support and promote the Association and College’s mission and goals to the community by actively engaging and involving the alumni community.  For a community service project the Association is supporting and sponsoring the Capital Cares food pantry, an effort begun by students  in 2010 to help students in need throughout the year.

Originally founded in 1988, the Association was revitalized in 2007 with support from the Capital Community College Foundation. A steering committee formed and established new by-laws and a constitution under the leaderhship of Sophia Gray who was elected Chairperson.  In recognition of her leadership role in reviving the Association, new officers have honored Gray with the title of Chairperson Emerita.

 The officers encourage all Capital Community College Alumni to become involved in the Association. For more information contact Andrea Mesquita-White at the Alumni office 860-904-5244 or e-mail


The 2011-2012 officers for the CCC Alumni Association from left: Andrea Mesquita-White, Melissa Garrett, Shelley McEwen, Lorraine Lee, Carmen Marerro, Tammie Roman and Chairperson Emerita Sophia Gray.




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