Blumenthal To Push For Community College Innovation Act

In a visit to Capital Community College on Monday, December 12th U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal announced his support for legislation that will fund job training and physical improvements to community colleges.


Senator Blumenthal tells Capital audience he backs new funds for community colleges. (Bruce Miller photo)

Blumenthal, serving his first term in the Senate after serving  as the state’s Attorney General for 20 years, told a group of students, faculty and staff gathered in the President’s Conference Room that the Community College Reinvestment Act “would recognize the importance of community college to reducing unemployment, and would make a federal commitment to improving facilities and programs”at two-year schools.  The legislation to be considered by the Congress in 2012 restores funding to the Community-Based Job Training grants. The grants, to be used by colleges in conjunction with workforce investment boards and employers, would support employer-focused, demand driven workforce programs.  In addition the bill would authorize a $5 billion infrastructure development fund for facilities and technology.

Blumenthal indicated that the use of funds would be determined at the local level to address the specific program needs of colleges and their employer partners.  Funds would be awarded on a competitive basis.

“By equipping community colleges with the resources to develop state-of-the-art facilities and programs, we can ensure that Americans have access to training that will prepare them to take on the most high-need jobs in the 21st century global economy,” Blumenthal said.

Senator Blumenthal also visited Asnuntuck Community College in unveiling his plans to support the Community College Innovation Act. CCC President Wilfredo Nieves introduced and thanked Blumenthal during the visit.


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