“21st Century Interpretations of G. Fox” exhibit opens at Envisionfest Hartford

A  “21st Century Interpretations of G. Fox” exhibit opened at the College’s Conrad L. Mallett Gallery on Saturday, September 29th as part of Envisionfest Hartford, a full day of cultural activities and performances across downtown Hartford.

Art Professor Pedro Valentin, curator of the Conrad L. Mallett Gallery, stands next to a G. Fox & Company 100th anniversary seal, one of the artifacts in the College’s first exhibit about the downtown landmark that is now the campus.

The exhibit, made possible by a grant from the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and contributions from individuals,  the Connecticut Historical Society and Hartford Public Library, focuses on the history of the G. Fox store on Main Street where the College relocated in 2002 in a top-to-bottom modernization of the 11-story building . In addition, artists’ interpretations of the iconic department store’s past, present and future use and impact on residents will be intertwined with artifacts during the exhibition through December.  Historic items and art will rotate and expand in the gallery space during the life of the exhibit in the main lobby of the College.

A vintage sign and historic photos from G. Fox & Company at the Conrad L. Mallett Gallery.

Envisionfest, a project of the The iQuilt Plan, kicked off on Saturday morning with the 2012 Discovery Hartford Bicycle Tour involving 1,000 riders. The event included free admission to museums and historic sites. There were outdoor stages, displays of public art and activities along the “Greenwalk” connecting the State Capitol, through Bushnell Park, into downtown, Constitution Plaza and the Riverfront.

A G. Fox collector’s item box and glass tea cups with price tags still on them and the original sales receipt are among the artifacts at the 21st Century Interpretations of G. Fox exhibit to run through December at Capital Community College. Items are from the family collection of Capital’s Anne Romus.


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