On Campus: New Look Cafeteria For 2013-2014 Year

When students arrive for the fall semester later this month they’ll see a newly designed 7th floor cafeteria for meals, socializing and informal study.


The Campus Improvement Committee (CIC), which is reviewing the campus for physical and aesthetic upgrades to better serve faculty, staff and students, has been involved in planning the cafeteria makeover for several months. New furniture and carpet have been installed near the Main Street windows with its panoramic views of downtown. Gone are clunky computer terminals in a revitalized cyber-cafe area. Old booths have been replaced making the student union and cafeteria a warmer, friendlier place to meet up and hang out on campus.

Dean of Administration Lester Primus established the committee comprised of a cross-section of faculty and staff last year. Congratulations to the committee led by Carrie Benyei and including Jane Bronfman, Derrick Curry, Carl Guerriere, Marilyn Goodman, Lorraine Lee, Amy Lemire, Marisol Malave, John McNamara and Anne Romus.



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