Capital’s Rotaract Club Volunteers at ING Hartford Marathon

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Members of Capital Community College’s newly-formed Rotaract Club joined Hartford Rotary Club members at the October 12th ING Hartford Marathon.

The Rotary Club was in charge of the Sheldon Street water station in Hartford at Mile 5 of the 26.2 mile race. It was the 20th anniversary of Hartford’s marathon organized by the Hartford Marathon Foundation and for most of those years Hartford Rotary has been a participating volunteer organization..

Participating from the College’s Rotaract Club were President Brennden Colbert, Treasurer Cynthia Recoder, Raul Vazquez, Tenaya Taylor, Candice Fairweather and Phillipe Zady.

Hartford Rotarians volunteering included Brian DiBella, Darlene Trainor, Lawrence Union, Stephen Vaughan and John McNamara.

The Rotaract Club will be formally recognized as a part of Rotary International at the Hartford Rotary meeting on October 21st at The Hartford Club.

Via Flickr:
Haartford Rotary Club and Capital Community College Rotaract Club members volunteer at Mile 5 on Sheldon Street on Saturday morning.


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