Capital Receives Newman’s Own Foundation Grant For Urban Farming, Nutrition Education

A Part of $10 Million to Improve Fresh Food Access and Nutrition Education

College Teams Up With Knox, Center For Urban Research & Training In City’s Upper Albany Neighborhood

Capital Community College (CCC) has been awarded a $25,000 grant from Newman’s Own Foundation, the independent foundation created by the late actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman.  The award to Capital through its nonprofit Foundation was made by Newman’s Own Foundation as part of its $10 million commitment over three years to improve fresh food access and nutrition education for underserved communities.

The grant to CCC will be used to offer a tuition-free urban farming certificate course and a series of nutrition workshops in Hartford’s Upper Albany neighborhood in 2015.

The project, involving the College, the Center for Urban Research & Training (CURET) and Knox, will benefit residents who face challenges in obtaining fresh and high nutrition foods.  Graduates of the urban farming certificate course will attain knowledge and skills to run small farms, and may gain work at existing enterprises involved in local food production. Students gain expertise in managing community or school gardens.

Capital Community Colleges mission is to provide “access to higher education to the diverse residents of the Greater Hartford region.”  The College, an open admission, public institution, prepares individuals for careers and transfer to four-year schools through associate degree and certificate programs inclusive of academic and technical disciplines and provides workforce training . 

“This grant will provide resources to launch community-based instruction and nutrition education as part of our sustainable food initiative,” said CCC President Wilfredo Nieves. “The project holds great potential to empower individuals who will be involved in the course and nutrition education.”

CCC Foundation Chair David Seder said “creating access to education and changing lives is fundamental to Capital’s mission. The Urban Farming and Nutrition Outreach project will help us fulfill that mission.”

“There are so many challenges to improving nutrition access and education, especially for those who are most disadvantaged,” said Lisa Walker, Managing Director, Newman’s Own Foundation. “We are excited to help Capital Community College and many other nonprofits across the country make an impact in improving nutrition in urban and rural communities.”

For more information about Newman’s Own Foundation nutrition grants, visit:

Capital’s Community Partners


The Center for Urban Research and Training (CURET) is a community partner of CCC. CURET is a 24 year old nonprofit located in Hartford’s Upper Albany neighborhood that assists over 3,500 families—adults, youth, children, through programs and services designed to build on their strengths, enabling their educational enhancements, and overall well-being. CCC and CURET now work collaboratively to provide adult basic education services and transitional supports enabling nontraditional students to get to college.

About KNOX

KNOX uses horticulture as a catalyst for community engagement and forges partnerships between residents, businesses, and government to build stronger, greener, and more beautiful neighborhoods in Hartford. Since its founding in 1966, KNOX has been a key partner in improving the city of Hartford and is a nationally recognized leader in the field of community greening, community gardening, and green workforce development. The organization plants over 1,000 trees a year in Hartford while managing 16 acres of community gardens that empower the community to grow well over $200,000 worth of produce for themselves and their neighbors. More information is available at


About @ Capital

A weblog for alumni and friends of the Capital Community College Foundation, Hartford, Connecticut active from 2009 to 2022, Comments and information pertaining to the College and College Foundation are welcome. John McNamara (Editor) Director of Institutional Advancement and Foundation Liaison Retired.
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