Remembering G. Fox & Company Is Topic at Capital Community College’s Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Thursday, March 30th


“Remembering G. Fox & Company” will be the topic at a public Brown Bag Lunch presentation at Capital Community College’s Centinel Hill Hall on Thursday, March 30th, from noon to 1:30 p.m.Remember G Fox

The College and the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) are teaming up for a third year to present a retrospective on G. Fox & Company at the 950 Main Street campus and the historic auditorium in the 11-story former department store building.

Joe Waxman will be the presenter.  Following a career in sales and marketing, Waxman became a volunteer at the Connecticut Historical Society. He remembers growing up in Hartford where G. Fox & Company was a part of his life. He says that Fox’s “touches people’s personal history.” Joe will also talk about his admiration for Beatrice Fox Auerbach whose accomplishments were significant on both local and national levels.

Capital Community College is continuing the tradition begun by G. Fox of using Centinel Hill Hall as a community gathering place for arts, culture and civic engagement.

The March 30th brown bag lunch is free and open to the public. It is one of the inaugural events for a Centinel Hill Hall Series during 2017 and 2018  that will include lunchtime talks, Hartford history lectures and Concerts at Capital.

For a reservation or more information to the brown bag lunch on March 30th call 860-906-5102. Email  Attendees may bring their own lunch. Coffee, tea and beverages will be provided.

Centinel Hill Hall at Capital Community College

Centinel Hill Hall at Capital Community College


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