#Giving Tuesday: Invest in Hartford’s Community College


“These are places where young people can continue their education without taking on a lot of debt. These are places where workers can gain new skills to move up in their careers. These are places where anyone with a desire to learn and to grow can take a chance on a brighter future for themselves and their families – whether that’s a single mom, or a returning soldier, or an aspiring entrepreneur.”

–Barack Obama in remarks to The White House Summit on Community Colleges, June 2011

On Tuesday, November 27th Capital Community College Foundation joins with nonprofits, higher education institutions and community organizations in an  international day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season. Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a response to commercialization and consumerism on the day that follows “black” Friday and “cyber” Monday. It’s a day to encourage generosity, volunteerism and acts of kindness locally and globally.

In Greater Hartford, Capital Community College (CCC) is a place “where anyone with a desire to learn and to grow” can succeed.

Capital increasingly relies on contributions above and beyond operating budgets that provide a critical margin necessary for new scholarships, tutoring, advising and resources for teaching and learning.cl2017collage_fotor.jpg

Ranked one of the top 25 two-year colleges in the nation for adult learners  by Washington Monthly, CCC lowers the cost roadblock that so many people encounter in pursuit of college. Your donation ensures that students get support to graduate and transfer to four-year schools without debt.  It takes, for example, $163 tuition to pay for one credit hour, $489 for one course and $1,958 for a semester of full-time study. Contributions to Capital, no matter the amount, make a “quality and affordable education” within reach of individuals who otherwise could not pursue college.

Contributions are welcome on this Giving Tuesday and throughout the year and may be made online, by downloading a printable gift form or by calling the CCC Foundation office at 860-906-5102.

Alumni of Capital (including graduates of  Greater Hartford Community College and Hartford State Technical College) are invited to share their stories and volunteer through the Share Your Story Link.

Secure Online Giving To Capital Community College

Printable Gift Form

By Phone: 860-906-5102

For more information contact:

John McNamara, Foundation Liaison and Director of Institutional Advancement

E-mail: CA-foundation@capitalcc.edu

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A weblog for alumni and friends of the Capital Community College Foundation, Hartford, Connecticut active from 2009 to 2022, Comments and information pertaining to the College and College Foundation are welcome. John McNamara (Editor) Director of Institutional Advancement and Foundation Liaison Retired.
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