New Widows’ Society Grant Provides Scholarships For Women In 2019-2020

The Widows’ Society has awarded a new $50,000 grant to the Capital Community College Foundation to provide scholarships for women.

Established in 1825, the Widows’ Society is one of the Hartford area’s oldest philanthropic organizations with a primary purpose of helping single women in Hartford address basic needs for housing, medical care, food and other necessities. In providing new scholarship support at Capital the Society’s board stated “there is no dearth of women needing help to continue or complete their education and we want to help as many people as possible to benefit from our gift.”

“This gift means more opportunities for Hartford women who otherwise would not be able to attend college,” said Capital CEO G. Duncan Harris. “We are most grateful to The Widows’ Society for again helping more women in Hartford gain access to a post-secondary education that is important for their families and helps them to obtain sustainable jobs and careers.”

Eligible applicants for the Widows Society Scholarships are women of any age living in the Hartford vicinity who are heads of their households or self-supporting and demonstrate financial need.  A 2018 grant supported more than $40,000 in awards to 38 Capital students.

Full-time tuition and fees at CCC total $4,696, representing a 21% increase over the 2014-2015 year. Of Capital’s 3,515 students enrolled in the last academic year, 71% were women and 64% of all students qualified for some form of financial aid.

The College’s nonprofit Foundation maintains scholarship funds and endowments and seeks support for programs and initiatives to improve academic quality, campus life and to expand educational opportunity

Information on scholarship opportunities is available at the CCC Office of Financial Aid, 950 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103 Telephone: (860) 906-5090, E-mail: .

For information on creating a scholarship fund or making a contribution, contact John McNamara at (860) 906-5102. E-mail:


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