The 50th Anniversary Of Capital Community College


The 2017-2018 year is Capital Community College’s 50th year as a public, associate degree granting institution .

During this milestone year we seek  to communicate the value and importance of Capital Community College  and its mission; we want to create opportunities  for alumni, retirees, students, faculty, staff and friends to reconnect with Capital.

You’re invited to reconnect with Capital to keep posted on the 50th anniversary events and activities at the downtown campus and to share your memories and stories.

50th Anniversary Year Activities

  • Changing Lives Gala October 19, 2017   (Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser)
  • Alumni Saturday Open House
  • Alumni Association Hall of Fame and Concert  (2017 Honorees)
  • 50 Years Of Creating Access  Program and Exhibit
  • Hartford Heritage Inaugural History Series
  • Centinel Hill Hall Book Talks and Public Lectures

For information on the 50th anniversary of Capital Community College contact the Advancement Office –  860-906-5102   Email

The Places May Have Changed…..

But The Goals Remain The Same